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(Puan Ang Phaik Sim in the picture above, The Acting Principal of Saint Xavier's Institution, retired on the 7th of August 2015.)

Greetings, Lasallians, Xaverians, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, students and friends!

Firstly, let me congratulate the La Salle Brothers on their success in the field of education and indeed, in the edification of the young.

As a teacher here for twenty years and an administrator for five years, I would like to take this opportunity to say that SXI has successfully produced many distinguished personalities through a holistic approach to education regardless of race, status or religion.  Teachers in this school face an uphill task of tackling various problems and issues pertaining to discipline of the students while trying to improve the school NKRA.  Therefore, I sincerely extend my heartfelt gratitude to all teachers, past and present, in this esteemed institution of learning.

While being trained to deal with the myriad duties expected of a good teacher, SXI teachers should always be commended for their patience, foresight and tenacity.  The community outside should be aware that ours is not a school which aims to get all straight-A students only.  Ours is a school which moulds and transforms students' characters to enable them to contribute to society in amazing ways, as can be seen in our annual Charity Drive.  Many of our students from the category, 'the Last, the Lost and the Least' , have even become successful and established businessmen.

Finally, it is my fervent hope that the educators and students work together in harmony for many years to come to 'touch hearts and change lives' and may the La Sallian spirit thrive forever.

"Labor Omnia Vincit"

Thank you and God Bless


Pn Ang Phaik Sim

Acting Principal

St Xavier's Institution